Do you feel out of touch?

Find balance again

Client Focused Healing Sessions

At Really Living, you’ll find everything you need and more to improve your life. Work on your yoga poses during personalized yoga classes or learn how to develop an easeful life with a session on how to nurture yourself with nutrition.


Achieving balance with Nutrition

Do you feel like your life is out of balance? If so, be sure to schedule a Nurturing with Nutrition session with Denise. As one of the oldest medicines, nutrition seeks to improve one’s life in a holistic way. From diet to habits and routines, Nurturing with Nutrition will help you determine the best ways to improve your mind, body, and spirit. Book your session today.

Easy going yoga classes

Are you new to yoga or prefer to take it easy due to a knee replacement injury. Sign up for the Gentle Yoga course with Denise today. As a registered yoga instructor, Denise specializes him helping people at every experience level become better at yoga. Register for a class by calling now. Book your session today.

Healing and restorative massage

Whether you need to take some time for yourself or would like help recovering from a sports injury, be sure to schedule a personalized massage session with Denise. At Really Living, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a licensed massage therapist who specializes in individualized sessions. Call Denise now at 319-310-5472.

Therapeutic body and energy work

Have you been feeling worn down lately? Boost your energy level by clearing away surrounding negative energies with customized body and energy work sessions. Let Denise assist you by balancing your chakras or provide you with a Reiki session. Visit her Schedulicity page today to book your session.

Find balance again

  • Testimonials

    Denise has an impressive knowledge of how the mind and body work.  She uses a holistic approach to tailor yoga and bodyworks to address both my team and individual needs.  Denise has been a big part of my team success and helped my conditioning as a competitive athlete.  I’d recommend her for all ages, body needs, and general wellness interests.

    Tom Belin
    Nationally Ranked Swimmer, local High School Swim Coach